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Color-Logic | Special Effects for Print
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Color-Logic Design Suite™
Color-Logic metallics and special effects are produced with only five inks: CMYK plus silver ink or CMYK plus white ink when printing on metallic substrates. When designing for foil or reflective substrates, the Color-Logic process eliminates the need to create awkward and time-consuming white ink masks! (Color-Logic Design Suite is available for Macintosh & Windows)

Using the Color-Logic Design Suite you can create 250 new metallic colors, Dimensional-FX™, Watermark-FX™, Watermark-FX Plus™, Gradation-FX™ and Image-FX™ using one intuitive system – All effects are created at the design stage, often eliminating the need for post-press finishing previously required to create the same or similar effect. The visual below shows each of the above mentioned effects.
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Image-FX Plug-in
Photorealistic image separation algorithm which analyzes images and calculates the required metallic effect for the different tonal regions of the image.
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The Color-Logic FX-Viewer software enables graphic designers, agencies, and printers to visualize the dramatic Color-Logic effects on their monitors before proofing or going to press. The simple and easy-to-learn user interface provides customers with a powerful tool for visualizing the impact Color-Logic provides to their printing.

Choose to visualize your designs for either silver ink printing, or white ink for printing on metallic substrate.

(FX-Viewer is available for Mac only, for system requirements go here)