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S.M.A.R.T Program*

Our yearly S.M.A.R.T Program enables your organization to have access to the most current versions of our products and educational programs, support for the latest design application programs, and allows you to take advantage of our marketing efforts to brands, advertising agencies and graphic design firms.

BE SMART … Please watch the video below to discover the many benefits that our S.M.A.R.T program brings you:

* Customers who do not hold a valid S.M.A.R.T program and require technical assistance for de-activating / reinstallation of their existing license purchase, for example, moving FX-Viewer to another computer after a hard drive failure or new computer purchase, or for accessing and downloading their original license installers, will be charged at US$125 per hour (1 hr minimum charge).

Annual S.M.A.R.T Program Benefits
• Color-Logic Design Suite™ & FX-Viewer™ Software updates
• Support of the latest versions of third party design applications – e.g. Adobe® Creative Suite® and operating systems, Windows® & Macintosh®
• Technical support by email
• Ability to buy BEST Color Silver ink for offset printing
• Ability to buy additional Color-Logic products, either for themselves or for their clients
• Attractive discounts off current and any newly developed Software Product(s)
• Annual Certification - submission for a single printing process
• Annual listing on the Color-Logic “search for a printer” geo map
• Access to new training and sales tools we develop
• Goodies Artwork – Access to the newest marketing collateral and sample files we develop over the year – Contains: Labels, Gift Tags, Poster Images, Business Cards, Large Format, Packaging, Calendar Template, Greeting Cards, Brochures, Literature, Postcards, Book Covers and more...

NEW Additional Bonus Features:
1 x 45 minute sales based webinar per licensee - English speaking only ($225 value)*
1 x Pattern-FX for Adobe Illustrator (MSRP $99 per volume)**

* Learn how to present Color-Logic to your customers
**each year we bring out a new Pattern-FX volume… Stay in the program and get yours free each year!

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S.M.A.R.T Program Fee
Each Printer License comes with a minimum of 24 months enrollement in the S.M.A.R.T program.
Additional yearly enrollment: If renewed before expiry, annual S.M.A.R.T Program Enrollment is $525 US Dollars.

If you let your enrollment in the S.M.A.R.T program expire, you can still sign up – However, re-enrollment will cost
$1050 US Dollars. Then, continued enrollment in subsequent years will cost $525 US Dollars, if paid before your S.M.A.R.T program expires for that subsequent year.

Price and specification subject to change without notice.