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RIP issues

If you are noticing areas on your design failing to output correctly once ripped, try switching on the APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) option in your RIP if available, which handles overprint and transparency, better.

Below is an example from the Color-Logic Print Test Forms that was created to highlight these type of RIP issues before you go to print:


"FX-Viewer" is not optimised for your Mac - error message

If you are attempting to install FX-Viewer and get the following screen error message:


This happens when you are attempting to install and run the FX-Viewer program on Mac OS High Sierra. It is a warning from Apple that the application program is 32bit, and Apple is moving towards only supporting 64bit applications. This DOES NOT mean that the program will not work, as it should run without issue. If you do encounter any issues, please contact us for assistance.

For more information on this issue, please

Recyclability of Metallic Inks

It has to be understood that the statements made below are the result of Color-Logic Inc interaction with the printing industry and its associations.

This information is provided as general information to our customers, but does not release the potential user of our products from the responsibility to determine suitability of the product in their application. No liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness of the information presented. The statements are not legally binding and shall not be used in any litigation.

      Cannot Activate FX-Viewer – error message stating your need an Adminstrator Account

      If you are attempting to install FX-Viewer and get the following screen error message, please contact us for assistance.


      This is a known error and is caused by an issue with Mac OS Sierra – We have noticed certain systems/configurations are blocking our FX-Viewer from being installed, for users with Mac OS Sierra – This is caused by Mac OS Sierra's new gatekeep features that restrict some user installs from running our FX-Viewer application – In simple terms, Apple is trying to stop third-party applications from being installed, that don't come from the Apple store! Please contact us for assistance.

      Image-FX Code Signing Error Message


      Due to recent changes within the Adobe CC framework, we have had to update the Color-Logic Image-FX plugin for Adobe Photoshop – As such, you may find that your Image-FX plugin will stop working and pop up an error message regarding incorrect code signing.

      Customers within our S.M.A.R.T program (for technical support and updates), will be able to download updated installers via the Client Login area.

      For customers: Please download our latest version by logging into the Client Login area
      For Resellers: Please download our latest version by logging into your NFR Login area

      If you require assistance or experience any issues installing the latest update, please do not hesitate to contact us.