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Can't open FX-Viewer in Mac OS Sierra, due to Apple Gatekeeper!

Apple has made Gatekeeper even more strict than usual! With Mac OS Sierra, Apple has removed the default settings for allowing third party applications from being installed.

Here's how to Allow Apps from Anywhere in Gatekeeper for macOS Sierra

  1. If you have System Preferences open, please QUIT before you begin the next steps!
  2. 1. Open the Terminal app from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following command syntax:

sudo spctl --master-disable
2. Press "return" and authenticate with an admin password and then press return


3. Relaunch System Preferences and go to “Security & Privacy” and the “General” tab

You will now see the “Anywhere” option under ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ Gatekeeper options


Returning to Default Gatekeeper Security in macOS Sierra
You can also reverse this and go back to the default strict Gatekeeper settings of only allowing apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers by issuing the following command string:

sudo spctl --master-enable

Hitting return and re-authenticating will return macOS Gatekeeper back to its strict default state of disallowing random apps from launching.