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Color-Logic is the only commercially available color communication system for metallic substrates and metallic inks which takes into account the substrate, inks, press curves and coatings.

The Color-Logic system provides a color communication system for 250 new metallic colors, which in turn can producing eye catching decorative effects. Printers and converters are granted a license to produce their own Swatch Books (or Color Charts). This eliminates the need to match a generic purchased swatch book of metallic colors, printed under unknown conditions and generally with substrates and inks not applicable to the printing process of the printer!

Each color in the swatch book is replicated in to a digital swatch library that is imported in to the designers software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc), along with a Photoshop plug-in that calculates the desired metallic effect for imagery. A designer then uses these palettes and plugins to design with, choosing metallic colors from the printers very own printed swatch book. Files designed with the Color-Logic system can then be visualized using the FX-Viewer software. For more information on the Color-Logic Design Suite, please
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Minimum System Requirements
Our Color Palettes and Plugins are compatible with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, versions CS6 upwards, on both Mac and Windows platforms. Our FX-Viewer application is Mac only.
Licensing Options

Color-Logic Printer Licenses are available in three modules; Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.

A Standard Printer License is ideal for a small print shop or convertor that only needs to print and manufacture supplied files designed using Color-Logic. A Standard license also comes with one Design Suite & FX-Viewer, which enables the printer to convert designs in-house on behalf of their clients/designers. Additional single seat installs of the Design Suites & FX-Viewers are available for purchase.

The Premium and Premium Plus license modules are designed for the larger print shops that work at the brand or design level – each of the premium licenses comes with additional Design Suite & FX-Viewer CDs (Single Seat installs) that may be sold to designers. As an example, if a printer were to purchase the Premium Plus license, they would get ten copies of the Design Suite & FX-Viewer, which may be resold to designers for $599 per suite – this means that the printer can recoup $5990 back off the initial investment should all ten Design Suites be sold.

The chart below highlights the main differences between each printer license, however if you would like to discuss licensing options with one of our representatives, please contact
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