Security-FX™ Techniques

Using the Color-Logic Design Suite you can create a broad range of security effects by combining our core decorative effects, primarily, Dimensional-FX™, Watermark-FX™, Watermark-FX Plus™, Gradation-FX™ and Image-FX™ – Because all effects are created at the design stage, you have the creative freedom to add a first line of defence to your packaging without increasing the cost beyond the cost of a five color job.

Variable metallic data executed on a digital press can provide brands of all sizes with not only personalization, but a first level of anti-counterfeiting security as well. Color-Logic design tools, together with commonly used variable data tools like XMPie or HP Smart Stream Designer, easily provides brands with basic anti-counterfeiting features.
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Variable Data Printing | White Papers (Click to open)
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Color-Logic VDP: An explanation
Download these white papers here

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Color-Logic: Security Features
Download these white papers here

Variable Data Printing | Video Demonstration (Click to open)
HP SmartStream Designer
XMPie uDirect

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