AccuFlex Packaging Self-Promotion Piece Wins Printing Impressions Excellence Award with Color-Logic

West Chester, Ohio, USA; October 2020— AccuFlex Packaging--a subsidiary of AccuLink in Greenville, North Carolina--employed the Color-Logic metallic color system when printing a self-promotion piece winning top honors in the Flexible Packaging: Digital (Toner/EP) category of the Printing Impressions 2020 Excellence competition. Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, commenting on the award, said: "Color-Logic is proud to have contributed to the AccuFlex honor. Color-Logic worked with AccuFlex in adapting their new HP Indigo 20000 press to the flexible packaging market, including preparing the Color-Logic files used to print the winning entry. The AccuFlex HP Indigo 20000 is the first such press producing flexible packaging files, and the first employing the Color-Logic system."

Tim Mages, AccuFlex Packaging President, also commented: "The Color-Logic process--and the skills of the team in the Color-Logic creative studio--played an important role in our winning the Printing Impressions Excellence award. We are particularly proud of the fact that the winning self-promotion piece was one of the very first jobs produced on our new HP Indigo 20000 press and by our business, AccuFlex Packaging."

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Color-Logic Relaunches 202One Program for Licensed Printers

West Chester, Ohio, USA; October 2020— Color-Logic, the world leader in software for print embellishment, has announced their 202One relaunch program for licensed printers enrolled in the Color-Logic SMART Centre Program (Software, Marketing, Artwork, Resources, Training).

Discussing the Relaunch program, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, said: "When the COVID-19 Outbreak began, Color-Logic immediately focused on what printers would need when markets began reopening. The Color-Logic customer base is global and we serve markets ranging from packaging and label, commercial print, point-of-purchase, signage, and direct mail. Our diverse customer base means we must consider geographic location and target markets when seeking to support our clients. Accordingly, we broke our Relaunch 202One program into 3 stages--much like the May 2020 Spacex launch. The Color-Logic Relaunch is not just about getting off the ground, but about getting where you want to go and the ability to land on target. At Color-Logic, we seek to help our clients not just in 2020, but in 2021, when it will be necessary to reach out to new clients and to reengage current clients.

"Stage 1 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is the ignition stage, and features improved training for graphic designers and prepress personnel. The Color-Logic motto:
All Print Starts With Design. speaks to the fact that our core focus is to develop design tools permitting any graphic designer to enhance their designs with the Color-Logic embellishments and metallic color system. While COVID-19 continues, the Color-Logic self-paced online training videos and our new master class videos show our licensees how to work effectively with agencies, graphic designers, and brands around the world.

"Stage 2 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is our booster stage, and focuses on content. Since potential customers cannot know what is possible in print without seeing actual samples, Color-Logic has 35 new designs. Thus licensed printers now have 100 press-ready marketing files for virtually every application we support. Before COVID-19, most printers had neither the time nor resources to create their own marketing files, so this part of our license provides the door opener necessary to reach out to prospects with physical samples.

"Stage 3 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is our Payload stage. Color-Logic now provides licensed printers enrolled in our SMART Program with a free Color-Logic Design Suite, FX-Viewer, and Pattern-FX single seat license valued at US$1050. This software package may be given by a Color-Logic licensee to an external client, which makes it much easier for the licensee to land a new account, agency, brand, or graphic designer and drive more business to their press.

"Although 2020 has been a worldwide challenge, print is not about to vanish. Surviving in the new environment, however, means pivoting, reopening, restructuring, or relaunching. The need to differentiate and to stand out will not vanish, and the technologies available today makes the Color-Logic staff optimistic about our future and our ability to deliver our clients the software, training, education, and consulting to make a difference in the print marketplace."

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Chongolove Chooses Color-Logic, Combines Print and Video for Marketing Impact

West Chester, Ohio, USA; September 2020— Chongolove, a new company offering a free app enabling users to make and deliver custom videos, chose Color-Logic metallic embellishments to enhance their product. Chongolove buyers, after downloading the Chongolove app, scan a Chongolove sticker with their smartphone and use the app to record a video targeted at a specific friend or relative. The Chongolove sticker then may be attached to a greeting card, postcard, or gift. Upon receipt, the sticker recipient can scan the sticker and view the custom video. Chongolove stickers are sold on the Amazon website in sets of three for less than US$7; the app is free.

Armand Dieng, Chongolove Founder/President, discussing the product design, said: "We were looking for a sticker design that would be strikingly different and call attention to our unique video concept. When we visited the HP Indigo Atlanta demonstration center and they suggested Color-Logic metallics, we immediately knew it would literally make our stickers shine. We are now rolling out the Chongolove product, and initial acceptance is great!"

Color-Logic Director of Marketing Mark Geeves, commenting on the product, said: "The Chongolove concept is an excellent example of how print and video can be combined, and how print can help a product like the Chongolove sticker stand out, capture market attention, and facilitate use by consumers. Starting with the basic Chongolove design, the Color-Logic design studio group worked with Armond to add metallic colors and embellishments in the background to make it look three dimensional."

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Latest Color-Logic Case Study Details Successes at GAM--Graphics And Marketing

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2020— The latest Color-Logic case study--detailing what has made GAM--Graphics And Marketing of Sterling, Virginia, successful--shows how a smaller printer grew business by adhering to a number of rules. The case study is available by request from the company and may be downloaded from the Color-Logic website, In the case study, GAM President Nathaniel Grant describes how he was an early adopter of digital printing and how his partnerships with Ricoh and Color-Logic provide customers with embellishment techniques not generally available.

Commenting on the case study, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Nathaniel Grant knows the value of providing customers with quick turnaround and vigorously using samples that demonstrate what he has to offer. He has made Color-Logic a basic part of his pitch to prospects and has benefitted greatly from showing them what can be done before they realize how much it could help their marketing campaigns."

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Color-Logic Broadens GAM Certification to Include Wide Format Printers

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2020— GAM--Graphics And Marketing, based in Sterling Virginia--now offers the Color-Logic process on its wide format printers--a Ricoh 5160 Latex and an EFI VUTEk 16H--in addition to the Ricoh Pro C7200X series cut sheet presses that were among the first certified by Color-Logic. Commenting on the event, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Like many printers, GAM assists their clients with campaign solutions, and large format output is an important and growing market. With the new certifications, GAM is able to extend their offerings beyond direct mail, business cards, sales literature, counter signs, and covers, to now include large format solutions using Color-Logic metallic special effects. With the new capability, GAM now offers metallics on banners, signage, trade show graphics, point-of-purchase materials, and labels. GAM clients can now stand out from their competition in exciting new ways."

GAM President Nathaniel Grant, also discussing the certification, observed: "Color-Logic shortens dramatically the time required to prepare metallic files--a particularly important feature for GAM, where we specialize in short runs and quick turnarounds. With metallics now available on all production formats, we can provide beautiful. Clients never cease to be amazed at the speed with which we can execute metallic files."

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